Guestlogix 2016 Predictions Report

Posted by Guestlogix on June 8th, 2017 | Ancillary Revenue, Whitepapers

2015 was a year of dramatic change for the travel industry. Improved in-air connectivity, richer data about passenger preferences, the need for airlines to sell more than just tickets and the exponential growth of mobile devices have all greatly contributed to the evolution of passenger travel.

As we enter a new year with these disruptive technologies, Guestlogix looks to what will shape the future of air travel for the next 12 months and beyond in the recently released report “Six for ‘16: What New Retailing Experiences Await Airlines and their Passengers in 2016?” The report predicts which services will be most demanded by passengers and details how airlines can establish themselves as leaders in the $60 billion ancillary revenue marketplace.

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