Our business intelligence solution, Ancillary Insights™, enables you to collect, analyze, distribute and act on the insights needed to most precisely procure, market and provision the right ancillary product or service to the right passenger at the right time.

While each business is unique, travel operators have a common set of business questions pertaining to their ancillary revenue businesses that consistently require attention.

  • Access common industry metrics, configurable reports, and dozens of interactive dashboards designed to answer your most pressing questions with the flexibility to make custom requirements
  • Gain visibility into the information collected across one or more touch points in the travel journey and get a jump start into the world of retail analytics without facing the upfront costs associated with building new information systems

Having the latest tools to visualize, analyze, and distribute information on an enterprise scale is critical to the success of most data-driven initiatives. Ancillary Insights™ is a managed, cloud-based solution that enables you to acquire the insight needed to successfully optimize your ancillary revenue businesses.

Capabilities include:

  • Data visualizations including scorecards and dashboards
  • Report & alert e-mail distributions
  • Self-service business intelligence
  • Mobile business intelligence

Building value means navigating vast amounts of disparate, unrelated, and sometimes unstructured data in order to achieve better outcomes for your organization. Ancillary Insights™ is uniquely positioned to take your ancillary revenue businesses on the journey up the analytical value chain. Applications of advanced analytics include:

  • Demand forecasting to minimize stock-outs and excess inventory onboard
  • Product affinity analysis across multiple transaction touch points to drive recommendations
  • Customer segmentation analysis to drive onboard personalization

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