Mission Control

Support your onboard retail store with a robust Back Office solution

Your onboard retail store is supported by a robust Back Office solution which can be accessed by travel operators or content providers to monitor retail performance and manage other activities within your retail programs. The solution also features the world’s only advanced analytics tool designed and developed specifically for ancillary revenue performance management – both onboard and throughout a travel operator’s enterprise.

  • Secure login with user controls that you set
  • Hardware agnostic to ensure full flexibility
  • Works with all access points including smartphones, tablets, seatback IFE and streaming solutions
  • Supports a distributed model where the services can be located on servers on the ground, onboard the aircraft or as native applications on mobile devices
  • Scalable, modular implementation for ongoing functionality growth without risking platform stability
  • Supports all potential users including passengers, crew, travel-operator management and travel-operator vendors

A central catalogue allows you to house all of your products and services with relevant details like images and descriptions- making it simple to manage your store on an ongoing basis.

Add, edit and delete products and product details with ease.


  • Stores/shelves
  • Products/pricing
  • Currencies and exchange rates
  • Payment acceptance methods
  • Provisioning
  • Assortments and taxes

Sync your inventory across channels to prevent overselling and stock outages.

  • Alerts notify you of inventory shortages
  • Real-time onboard stock management and reconciliation
  • Real-time replenishment functionality

Run personalized, targeted marketing promotions and manage crew sales performance.

  • Tailor discounts and promotions by user, products and more with the ability to cross sell products and services
  • Set crew sales targets, measure performance and seamlessly handle commission calculations and reporting

Protect your information with a secure login that works with access controls that you set.

  • Create accounts for your crew and define their system roles, set sales targets and measure performance
  • Manage passenger profiles and keep track of their purchase history to provide customized services

There’s a better way to drive higher revenues and passenger satisfaction...

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